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After graduated from the university, Olcay used his entrepreneurial skils and decided to rule Kalenobel that has been initially established as a family business.  With his highly powered technical and financial skills accompanied with his hard work, started to serve the biggest Turkish and international companies especially in the ice cream packaging. After these first efforts, Kalenobel reached to its current situation thanks to high revenue growth, corporate governance and its qualified people. Olcay is married with two kids, a daughter and son. He likes to spend his spare time by surfing within the Company’s ERP system, watching the factory cameras by his mobile .



(Sales & Marketing and Logistics)

Ümit has been working for Kalenobel since 2001. Started his job with the establishment of Export department in Kalenobel and promoted to Export Manager in 2004. He was appointed as Sales and Marketing Director in 2009 both for Domestic and Export sales departments. Starting from 2011, Ümit is leading logistics department as well toobtain the best team work with in Kalenobel to develop the business as quick as possible. Ümit has been promoted to Deputy General Manager in 2016 and he believes the success of Kalenobel comes from it strategic focus on satisfying each customer with tailor made studies. He likes travelling and meeting with new people. His favourite is spending his time together with his family when he finds the time.


Logistics Manager

After Nihal continued her career, which started with computer teaching in several companies, joined Kalenobel family in year 2002. Nihal learned about products by completing product trees, supply management in raw material procurement and also learned logistics management for material management. She continues to apply what she learned in Kalenobel, learn even more and she loves her job. She likes spending time with her daughter and spouse, spend time with her parents and sister in her hometown Ordu and Black Sea Region in general for vacations. She enjoys listening to laz jokes yet laments she still can’t tell.



Çağdaş has started his professional life as a Management Trainee in Garanti Bank. Later he joined ABN Amro Istanbul Office and continued his career until 2010. He had a break in his professional career with the intention of realizing his own entrepreneurship project and he set up and run a franchise restaurant with 2 colleagues for a while. However he decided to return to his professional career at the end of 2011 and worked in various financial institutions before Kalenobel. Çağdaş aims to be a good team player in the finance team as CFO while targeting to improve his experience and profession about finance and banking.


AccountIng Manager

Gültekin started his duty in Kalenobel Packaging SA in 1995 as Accounting Manager. He was born in 23 April 1962. He graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Business Administration. Gültekin is married and is father of two children. He likes reading detective adventure and thriller novel and puzzle.

Barış TUNA

Human Resources Manager

Barış was born in Lüleburgaz in 1978. Graduated from Anadolu University Study economics and Industrial Relations. Kalenobel, November 2011, Barış started working as human resources specialist, currently assuming the task of human resources Assistant. He is married and has two sons named Toprak, Ateş Sarp. In his spare time with his wife and kids spending time and take pleasure in than dealing with Walnut garden created.

Süleyman ATANSAY

Factory Manager

Born in 1978, Süleyman was graduated from the Department of Electrical And Electronics Engineering in Ondokuz Mayıs University. Süleyman has participated in projects particularly relating to production and management systems in an international working environment in Japanese and German companies for 12 years. He joined KALENOBEL family in October in order to share his experiences as a result of such works he has performed so far. Süleyman believes the path leading to Operational Excellence in KALENOBEL is through employees’ efforts to continuously develop ideas creating value along with their working manners. Being a devout fan of Galatasaray, Süleyman is present at the stadium whenever he finds the chance. He reads books and search for new project ideas in his spare times.


Flexible – Offset Production Manager

Initially, Head of Production and Engineering at BSH Home Appliances since 2005, Production Systems Consultant at Doruk Otomasyon in 2014, Lean Manager at BSH China Nanjing factory for a few month, Fevzi joined Kalenobel at June of 2015. Fevzi believes, the success comes with each customer, supplier and employee satisfactions. He gives importance to human relationships and teamworks.


Aseptic Packaging Production Manager

Sezer was born in year 1956 and has been dealing packaging production and innovations, being his only hobby in life for nearly 30 years now. Upon graduating from Gazi University Department Department for Business Administration in year 1978, he shook hands with the packaging world. Sezer said hello to the Kalenobel family only 10 years ago. This interesting person, who has selected employment work for recreation and rest and who has produced many new products is married and father of one son. On the other hand, if he weren’t closely interested in sports, it would be possible to say that he came to life for only work. If living Istanbul counts, this is another hobby of him.


Cornet Production Manager

I was born in 1972 in Kastamonu. After working in a variety of packaging companies in 1998 Kalenobel Lülebürgaz I started work. Executive Vice President Chief of production and production task I was assigned to the Directorate of the cornet after Production is the most important of my life working on the job. Fenerbahçe supporters.


PurchasIng Manager

Barış graduated from Istanbul University Business Management Faculty after graduating from Bahçelievler Adnan Menderes Anatolia High School. He completed his post graduate degree in Marketing Management in same university. Moreover he is busy writing his post graduate thesis at the Marmara University Accounting Department. Barış, who expertized that throughout his own career only expertized on purchasing and supply chains, tries to increase experiences he accumulated in different sectors in Kanobel as of year 2013. He is interested in plain production and owns six stigma black belts. In order to ensure his company uses his supply chain more productively, he believes he will succeed greater work with his team.


Maintenance Energy Manager

Fatih has graduated from the Cyprus Near Eastern University Electrical & Electronic engineering department. When Fatih joined Kalenobel family in May 2002, he took charge of a factory which was easy to administer and had a machine inventory of 40 units. However, when years passed caused Kalenobel to grow and develop every day by new machinery, new production areas, storehouse and machine support units and machine inventory of over 120 units, said growth pace added a lot to Fatih. When Fatih had a chance to take break from his duty in growth pace and development he is dealing with fishing and spearing.


Investment and Technology Manager

Cafer was born in Isparta in year 1969. After graduating from the Industrial Vocational High School, he assumed duty in the technical departments of companies undertaking production in the packaging sector. Cafer accessed the Kalenobel family in year 1997 and assumed duties as maintenance chief and maintenance manager during the process of Kalenobel's growth in a short period of time. Cafer is still working as an Investment and Technology Manager. Cafer has meanwhile been working for adding another brick to the Kanobel family and will continue to do so, such company being shown among world’s few numerous packaging companies. He has been as close to his company as he is close to his own family and reached out for 30 to 300 staff he is very closely firm-tied with.

Tufan GÜR

Pre-press Manager

After working in several companies’ graphical and reproduction department Tufan met the Kanobel family in year 2006 after having worked in the packaging sector. He is still continuing to develop himself in Kalenobel and follow up on developments in graphical, reproductive and press issues. Tufan, who likes vehicles trips and plastic molding tries to spend as much time with his family as he could…


QualIty Assurance Manager

Ayşe was born in Tekirdağ in year 1978. In year 2002, she started her business life in Kalenobel Packaging after graduating from Food Department. In year 2008, Ayşe who promoted to position of Quality Assurance Chief, continued her duty as Quality Assurance Director as of year 2013. Quality for Ayşe is to ensure that the producer and customer meet at a joint point and win trust of customers. Ayşe very much enjoys going through the shelves of markets, controlling products and playing tennis. She has a very happy family and a very sweet child like all mothers.

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