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The year our company was founded. Our company began its life in the industrial market under the name of Kale Printing and served in the market under that name for many years. At that time our country was beginning to develop industrially and Kale Printing created an understanding regarding the sanctity of work and the honour of production.
As our company continued in its current facilities we recognized the importance of flexible packaging both for our country and the whole world, thus Nobel Packaging was founded as an investment and a means to widen our production. Cone sleeve was introduced for the first time in our country and a whole new dimension was brought to the industrial market.
We put our new investments into service and moved onto producing multilayered material structures so that various new forms of flexible packaging could be produced.
In addition to our current packaging material we began producing aluminium membrane wrapping.
Our quality of production was officially approved by the ISO 9001 Quality and Safety Standards.
As we continued our life on the market as Kale Publishing covering the offset press and Nobel Packaging serving the flexible packaging sector, we decided to unite our forces under one name, thus our pioneering company took on the name KaleNobel Packaging.
With the investment of some additional buildings the enclosed area of our current facilities expanded to 17,000 m2.
Thanks to our development research we began producing multilayered and long life fruit juice packaging. These products were added to our product portfolio under the registered brand names of Gold Bricks, Gold Down and Gold Brown.
In addition to our packaging products for fruit juices and milk, we concluded our research on long life pyramid style packaging and added these products to our portfolio.
Our company started taking steps in TPM based on the belief that standardization comes from planned continual training.
Having completed the innovative research regarding butter and margarine packaging we added to our product portfolio packaging that uses universal paper forms with high barriers and whole deed fold qualities resulting in the prevention of oxidization.
We received HACCP / BRC-IOP and ISO 2000 certification, once again affirming our quality standard.
Being firm believers that innovation is a must for any company, our continued research produced hard cover bouillon packaging with high barriers. Continuing in our innovative research, we had the honour of being the first company ever to succeeded in producing soap bar packaging using polymer instead of wax. Thus our antibacterial high barrier product was added to our portfolio.
We successfully completed the testing period of our 1000 cc volume long life aseptic fruit juice packaging, adding this product to our portfolio.
Our new Warehouse and ink Production Facility.
Film laminating Machine started working.
Password to prevent counterfeit product promotion and Applications Systems.
Our machines are Imported for the purpose of Printing and extrusion capacity expansion.
Poland Office Activity.
Aseptic Packaging Production Installation of our Construction is completed.
WAX/Hotmelt Application Was Passed.
Aseptic Packaging Production of the new facility has been started.
OHSAS 18001 Certificate.
Our capacity in order to Print.
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