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Mondi Kalenobel Management Prog.

Various companies around the world use management systems to minimise the costs and maximise productivity. The aim is to use techniques and systems that will enable to company, the firm, the departments and all the employees to move in the same direction as a team. 

Since 2005 KALENOBEL has been using the TPM (Total Productivity Management) and since 2009 we have been using KaYıP (Kalenobel Management Programme) which is a management programme based on TPM which we have broadened to meet our needs. KaYıP aims to establish a management programme unique to Kalenobel, based on what we've learnt from TPM, Simple Production and Total Quality Management. 

Some of our Activities

Kaizen : In order to minimise Customer Problems we organize kaizen activities together. 
With kaizens, we aim to reduce losses like fire, set-up, malfunction, momentary stopping etc. and increase our productivity, customer satisfaction and profits by creating an understanding of constant betterment.

5S : In our factories we effectively use 5S activities.

Visual Factory : Together with our employees we visually follow up on our line performance and factory performance. 

OEE : By using the online data gathering system we are able to take immediate OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) measurements per machine. 

One Line, One Factory : By assigning a team leader to each department we are able to treat each department as a factory, thus creating effective follow up. . 

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