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Quality Control

Since the quality of the finished product is directly related to the quality of the raw material which arrives at Mondi Kalenobel, we check these materials with the best devices and accept the material according to the outcome of these checks.

Our completed products are meticulously checked in the chemistry and microbiology labs.

All quality control is recorded allowing us to retrace out steps in the event of a problem.

Chemistry Labs: Equipment and Measurements
Gas chromatography -solvent residue
COF measurement device for shrinking, breaking, sticking and exploding- Measurements
Spectrophotometer colour comparison device- Measurement of proximity to desired colour in printing consent
Densitometer colour density measuring device- measures the density of the colour Thermal sticking control device- checks thermal sticking
Density measurement device
Drying oven- moisture-additives
Accurate scales-unit weight-productivity
Barcode reading systems-barcode legibility
Ink inflection device for colour control
Visual check of material that has completed production and approved samples.

Microbiology Labs: Equipment and Measurements
Sterile cabin
Drying oven
Accurate Scales
Total amount of organisms
Presence of mould and yeast
Presence of coliform
Presence of E. Coli
Presence of Staphylococci

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