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Rotogravure Printing Technology

  • 5 printing machine making production by means of rotogravure technology.
  • Producing solutions by making no concessions to the color quality through machines, which have 9 printing units.
  • Printing capacity over opp, pvc, cpp, pet, alu, papers and materials between the thicknesses range of 0-400 mic.
  • Choices of making overprinting at rotogravure printing lines at the same time and mirror printing at more than one unit.
  • Rotogravure printing technology can run inline with the cutting technology

Lamination Technology

  • 3 lamination machines, which have double tunnels drying unit.
  • Besides operating independently from each other, possibility of triplex lamination by means of having the ability of tandem operating.
  • Choices of lamination with solvent or without solvent.
  • Semiflexo lamination applications.
  • Wax / hotmlet coating and wax Lamination applications.
  • Partial lamination, partial cold seal and partial hot seal application choices as operating off-line.
  • Partial lamination capacity.

Cornet Manufacturing Technology

  • pieces/year capacity for the needs of all kinds of ice cream Cornet with case and cover the production of the cornet.
  • More than 50 different companies working in the industry with the production of all Cornet case flexibility.
  • Solutions which are appropriate for special demands intended for the cookie and chocolate manufacturers.

Silicing Technology

  • 7 slicing machines, which are capable of carrying slicing different speed and dimensions.
  • 3 checkout machines used following the slicing process for the purpose of control.
  • Capacity of carrying slicing at scales between 20 mm. – 1.500 mm.
  • Capability of making winding until 1.000 mm. in accordance with external diameter and at 8 different scales in accordance with internal diameter.
  • Slicing all and any kind of materials between the thickness ranges of 10-400 mic.

Squeeze Up Technology

  • Special production line for the case and cover of liquid filling products of ice cream sector.
  • 5 Squeeze up machine with 5 different moulds with liquid to be filled with all the companies in the sector, the production of appropriate case and cover of working flexibility.

Offset Printing Technology

  • New generation 2 piece offset printing machine capacity of printing on paperboard with thickness between 90 gsm – 700 gsm by means of using conventional ink.
  • Capacity of printing on paperboards covered with Alu, Metalize OPP and PE by means of using UV ink.
  • Dispersion and UV Lac Applications.

Offset Cutting And Gluing Technology

  • Box board manufacturing by means of box board gluing machine, which is capable of gluing until 6 points.
  • 4 different offset cutting machines fed with 5 layers at different thickness scales.
  • Leaf gold application technologies operating independent from cutting.

Extrusion Technology

  • Production line capable of carrying appropriate coating on materials from 30 gsm paper – to 500 gsm paperboard material.
  • Capacity of carrying coating through polymer and coplymer applications between the ranges of 8 gsm – 50 gsm.
  • Lamination of two different materials through the polymer technology.
  • Choice of corona application on front and back surface.
  • Barrier paperboard manufacturing technique by means of extrusion coating, which is cleaning sector oriented.
  • Aseptic packages of fruit juice and milk, and long term protection for the production of laminating and coating production line
  • Lamination and coating applications for margarine producers, which produce solutions regarding different expectations.

Production Support Techonologies

  • Ink, Glue and Lac Preparing Systems (Dispensing System)
  • Mock-up and Model Preparing Technology Before Printing (Plotter)
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