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Quality Policy
Mondi Kalenobel packaging quality policy;
  • To comply with national and international regulations and standards,
  • Ensure continuous improvement,
  • Ensure the participation of all employees,
  • Develop relationships with industry,
  • To closely follow Technology,
  • To increase the knowledge and skills of all employees,
  • Quality management system to comply with the terms of the,
  • Conforms to the requirements of the food safety management system,
It adopts a management system and performs commits. 

Occupational Health And Safety Policy
Mondi Kalenobel as our goal is "zero accident" and "zero occupational disease". All of the employees and management Mondi Kalenobel, employees, clients and employers to create safe and healthy work environment; "zero work work accident and zero occupational disease" to achieve the ideal of;
  • All Applicable occupational health and safety-related laws and regulations, wake up;
  • Determines in advance all possible risks that will occur as a result of the activities, to prevent a repeat of risks and these risks to an acceptable level the activities started by,
  • Interacts with the system and the control of the parties related to the continuous control and open activities;
  • Based on the principles of continuous improvement and employee involvement;
It adopts a management system and performs commits. 
Environmental Policy
Mondi Kalenobel Packaging in accordance with the Environmental Policy:
  • Applicable comply with all laws and regulations related to environmental protection,
  • Activity and take the necessary measures for the prevention of environmental impacts resulting from import products,
  • Identify the potential environmental effects of the previously determined risks can be reduced to the level considered necessary for the work to,
  • Minimizing the resulting waste, it is possible to prevent the destruction of non-waste will not harm the nature way,
  • Efficient use of energy and natural resources,
  • Employees and community planning activities necessary for the creation of environmental awareness and realization,
  • Continuous development of environmental issues
  • Interacts with the system and keep checking and related parties to keep control of the activities of
is committed to.
Social Responsibility Policy
Mondi Kalenobel every stage of the production and management of principle, "people first" principle is to work with. Mondi Kalenobel management; employees, customers, partners, competitors, and to fulfill its social responsibilities towards society;   
  • Fulfills the requirements of SA 8000 standard,
  • Employees not working under pressure, no matter, 
  • All employees, on equal terms, against their will has been employed with appropriate positions, 
  • To the extent permitted by law the working age is not allowed, and result in situations that are not supported,
  • For all employees  health and safety legal requirements are met,
  • Among employees in any way on the basis of race, sex, language, religion, social class, age and membership of the Union on issues such as discrimination have been applied,
  • The way working hours prescribed by Law is applied,
  • The fee policy applies to law and sector standards,
  • Employees with workers ' representatives request and complaints by top management, where,
  • Employees ' basic needs have enough hardware to reorganize the working environment in hygienic conditions with,
  • Informed and voluntary Workers, environmental protection issues are encouraged to work,
It adopts a management system and performs commits.
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