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Chocolate and Confectionary Packaging

Mondi Kalenobel's quality certifications and good customer service enable her to offer the confectionary market both offset and flexible packaging of good quality. We also have special productions for promotional offers which are vastly important to this industry.

Ice Cream Packaging

Mondi Kalenobel has the capacity and ability to produce most of the packaging requirements the ice cream industry entails. Amongst these are cone sleeves, cone lids, push up, squeeze up tubes, squeeze up lids, all kinds of opps (for stick products or multipacks), all kinds of boxes (for multipacks or cake-type products).

The fact that customers can get all their products from the same supplier, the logistical advantages and inter-product harmony are just a few of the reasons whyMondi Kalenobel strands out in this market.

Mondi Kalenobel works with various multinational companies and provides ice cream packaging to the Middle East, Russia, Europe and America.

Fruit Juice Packaging

With aseptic process techniques of Mondi Kalenobel juice and dairy market, a lot of domestic and foreign companies.
This product is protected by a long term portfolio of aseptic packaging 200 cc, 125 cc, 250 cc 200 cc slim base, base, 250 cc slim, 1 lt, slim, 120 cc Lauren, Lauren diversified, including 180 cc.

Powdered Products and Beverages Packaging

In the line of powdered products and beverages Kalenobel produces soup, sauce, coffee and tea packaging. We also supply our clients with tea stick packaging which is a style of packaging created by Kalenobel. Additionally we are able to produce 75 mm. diameter aluminium lids for water, yoghurt and ayran (buttermilk) packaging.

Snacks Packaging

Although many packaging firms produce snack packaging, Mondi Kalenobel has a unique place in the market thanks to the printing quality, materials, additional promotional details and high barrier packaging.Mondi Kalenobel is very well informed in regard to clients' marketing activities, giving us the opportunity to work with the sectors leading firms.

Boullion & Dry Yeast Packaging

Thanks to our unique production style Mondi Kalenobel continues to play an important role in the market. High quality packaging protects the products and is also highly efficient, making Kalenobel the preferred packaging company.


Margarine packaging is an area in which Mondi Kalenobel has lots of experience and lots of knowledge. For these products we use aluminium + greaseproof paper as well as a single layer of film. Again within Mondi Kalenobels production style we use aluminium+ pe extrusion + paper. In addition to this we produce the aluminium lids for the 250 gr and 500 gr containers.

Pet Food Packaging

Mondi Kalenobel's sense of quality can be clearly seen in the packaging produced for pet food. Understanding the client and creating a satisfactory product is our main principle. 

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