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For Chocalete And Other Fat Containing Fillings
  • For packages containing foods with high oil content such as chocolate.
  • Longer shell life.
  • Easy to fill.
  • High machine performance.

Butter Packaging

A Highly Innovative Product From Mondi Kalenobel
  • Freshly preserves butter for long periods.
  • Highly protective barrier against oxygen and aromas.
  • Highly advanced dead-fold.
  • Easy and efficient packaging.
  • Antibacterial makeup against mould and fungus.


A first from Mondi Kalenobel...!
  • This environmentally frinedly packaging provides great simplicity and containsan advanced oxygen barrier and dead-fold features.
  • Produced without the use of adhesive.
  • %100 recyclable.
  • Re-sealable after the package has been opened.

Aseptic Fruit Juice/Milk Packaging

Mondi Kalenobel
  • Aseptic filling 
  • Long life protection (1 year) 
  • Complete compatibility to Tetrapak and IP filling machines 
  • Speedy and effective filling 
  • 6 layered safe production 
  • Measurements of 200 cc Slim and Base/1000 cc Slim and Base 

Mondi Kalenobel 'hardcover bouillon' packaging

Lightweight packaging with high barriers
  • High level oxygen and moisture barrier 
  • Lightweight 
  • High level dead fold quality 
  • Produced without glue 
  • Very high machine performance 
  • Biodegradable 

Mondi Kalenobel 'Soap Bar' Packaging KN-4903

Mondi Kalenobel's contribution to a clean world
  • 'Very strong' sealing due to polymer technology 
  • Will not unstick even in relative humidity and very hot media 
  • High speed packaging in all private and universal machines 
  • Doesn't produce bacteria, spore or fungus. 
  • High level of visuality and economic use 

Mondi Kalenobel 'Instant Yeast' Packaging KN-8328

Especially for you...!
  • Very strong barrier wall.
    • Oxygen.
    • Moisture.
    • Keeps as fresh as the day it was packaged due to the aroma barrier.
  • Easy and effective machine work.
    • Easy to use on your packaging machines thus increasing productivity.
  • Minimised weight.
    • Production of more packages due to ideal g/m2 ratio.

Mondi Kalenobel resealable Packaging KN-1003

Mondi Kalenobel packaging second to none
  • High level aroma, moisture and oxygen barriers in chocolate and wafer packaging 
  • Able to reseal multiple times 
  • High speed packaging 

Mondi Kalenobel Baking Powder/Vanilla Packaging KN-5358

For your 'powdery surroundings' fillings
  • Easy filling in powdery surroundings 
  • Keeps products fresh until there use by date 
  • Excellent sticking without pinholes 
  • Advantageous in multiple production due to its weight of 63g per m2 
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